How we code

Here's a glimpse at the tools and processes we've employed in previous Truebyte projects, though of course our team knows considerably more than we could possibly list here. Equally important is that our developers are always willing to grow, and to try new technologies and methodologies in the pursuit of peerless software that does precisely what you want it to.

Our values
  • Truebyte code is clean and well tested
  • Truebyte code is efficient and fast
  • Truebyte software is logically laid out
  • Truebyte software is tailor-made to suit your needs


A database is an organised collection of data. A number of our leading software application projects run databases to manage complex and substantial amounts of data. We have the capability to create bespoke databases to power your projects.

We use MySQL (SQL stands for Structured Query Language). MySQL is an open-source relational database management system. It is used on many popular large-scale websites, including Google and Facebook, and is ideal as the basis for our web applications. This means we can provide solid and secure database solutions.



A web application is a program that runs in a web browser. This means users can access it from anywhere, and don't have to install software onto their machines. We create these programs using special, browser-specific programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, HTML and Ruby.

We have found that developing web applications has allowed for greater flexibility and a greater diversity of platforms served compared to traditional, so-called 'native' development. One of the potential challenges of web applications, however, is security, which is why we have paid particular attention to making these widely available applications more secure online.



A programming language is a human-readable way to provide instructions to a computer. These are interpreted by the operating system, allowing developers to focus on what they want to achieve. These instructions are built up to form software.

C# (pronounce it 'see sharp' ) is a widely used, Microsoft-developed programming language. It's what's called an object-oriented programming language, which is a way of describing how it handles data.

C# applications are intended to be economical with regard to memory and processing power requirements. We have found that C# best suits our design goals alongside the .NET framework.



We have extensive experience in developing elegant but hardy websites for our clients. Whether you need an eCommerce site or one to build an online community, we have the skill to make it. Our sites are fully responsive for all devices.

We code in HTML and CSS, implementing JavaScript for dynamic content where necessary. Working alongside our graphic designers, we can single out the most appropriate web-typography available for your site, with flexible grid systems for written content and imagery.

We ensure our sites are cross-browser tested, and we develop graceful degradation so that our sites still look great on older browsers too. We also have the ability to provide bespoke content management systems when required.


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