Case Study:
International Architect Firm

The following case study has been anonymised to protect the firm’s security.

Truebyte provides IT Services to a leading architectural practice with a global reach.

As they continue to design and create, they need resilient systems set up for data growth. Security and controlled access are priorities when working in collaboration with other stakeholders on high-profile projects.


To handle live project data demand and scale up the capacity of servers with efficient backup administration, Truebyte implemented DFS (Distributed File System). We have also implemented a reconfigured SAN with a bespoke Backup and DR solution at an attractive cost. This has delivered near real-time replication and appropriate recovery options. Advanced cloud based file management systems, allow for secure sharing of data on multi-party projects. This removes the requirement for a VPN, and provides control on who can access project data.

Active Defence

The deployment of various Truebyte Active Defence products provides protection against cyber threats. Web filtering, email filtering and archiving, dark-web monitoring, anti-virus and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) in combination delivers cyber security. This suite alongside an implemented BCDR (Business continuity and Disaster Recovery) strategy provides cyber resilience.

Key Services

Remote and onsite service desk support

Truebyte cloud solutions (IaaS)

Hybrid infrastructure maintenance

Truebyte Active Defence

IT estate RMM deployment

Strategic roadmap project management

Continuous strategic consultation