Case Study:
Newhaven Port

Newhaven Port Authority are responsible for the ongoing management of the Port of Newhaven. They operate a 24/7 service.

Truebyte assisted NPA in upgrading their network and migrating to a fully realised version of Office 365. We have installed web-filtering, anti-virus and backup solutions for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR). We consistently provide proactive and effective ServiceDesk support to their team of onsite and remote workers.

Part of our service includes strategic meetings to discuss opportunities to continue to enhance their IT configuration in a cost-effective and logical way. Truebyte are currently providing NPA with consultation on network expansion and delivery of new site-office hubs.

Key Services

Remote and onsite ServiceDesk support

Truebyte Cloud (IaaS)

Truebyte Active Defence

IT estate RMM deployment

Strategic consultation

Infrastructure project delivery

Client Testimonial

Finance Manager, Newhaven Port Authority

“We are a 24-hour operation with essential services running continuously. We realised we needed a system that was fit for purpose and IT support that would reduce the time wasted trying to fix any problems. Crucially, Truebyte have managed to set up systems with minimum disruption”

Truebyte Active Defense

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Strategic Consultation

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