Photo of Matt Heath

Matt Heath


Matt founded Truebyte in 2002 and has many years of experience in the UK IT industry. He runs a portfolio of successful businesses across multiple sectors. Matt is a visionary leader with bundles of business acumen. Matt’s values of great communication and empathy are baked into Truebyte’s ethos.

Photo of Bill Emery

Bill Emery


Bill is highly skilled and experienced in delivering operational excellence. He is passionate about people management, HR oversight, performance management, compliance and continuous improvement. He is always looking to develop the business by implementing beneficial processes and policies, and ensuring the team are motivated to achieve.

Photo of Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg


Nick is a vastly experienced commercial expert. He uses his analytical skills and attention to detail to form appropriate service offerings for our customers. Nick works closely with clients and our team to make sure requirements are fulfilled and exceeded, and product development and innovation opportunities are explored

The Truebyte Team

Our team is a strong blend of customer support agents, technical specialists, software developers, business coordinators and senior managers. We provide a cohesive and diverse skillset for our clients.

We are a supportive and friendly team, enjoying the successes together, dealing with the challenges together, and having fun at coffee mornings, quizzes and other social events. We make sure everyone knows they have a vital role to play in our team and we continually encourage the best in each other.

Image of the team having a lovely lunch and playing pool

The Truebyte Story

Truebyte was founded in 2002. We started by providing IT support to a well-known architect practice in Bath, South West England and as the practice grew, we set-up an office in London. Truebyte facilitated this move by establishing the IT infrastructure at this location and supporting the new user base.

Our reputation for providing expert support for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry quickly grew and we started to take on more AEC clients, providing IT support, procurement, project delivery and strategic input. We established ourselves in London and the team continued to grow as we deepened our technical capabilities.

As our footprint increased we retained our values of empathetic communication and excellent delivery of services. We took on IT services clients across a variety of sectors including finance, transport, financial and legal.

Image of the team at their workstations

In 2010, Truebyte set up a software development team. Applied Healthcare Solutions approached us with their idea – to create an audit system to help healthcare providers meet their clinical governance requirements – and so Clinical Guardian was born. The team have gone on to improve and develop the product further, adding new functionality as demands have evolved. We have also worked on a variety of other medical software products, internal systems and bespoke websites and apps for our clients.

In 2015, we set up our South-East HQ in Eastbourne, delivering top-tier IT services to local and national customers. Our service desk and infrastructure teams are based in this space alongside business operations staff.

In the last few years we have focused on individual and collective development plans to make sure we are as well equipped as possible to serve our existing clients and partners. As we continue to grow, Truebyte is looking for innovative opportunities to better serve clients, in this dynamic ecosystem we call home.

Image of the team having a lovely lunch and playing pool
Image of the team at their workstations