Our values

Excellence in IT

We believe technology in the workplace exists to make your working life better. This underpins everything we do. We define our ethos within our 5 Pillars of Excellence.

1. Quality

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch quality across every interaction, emphasizing efficiency, convenience, and a welcoming atmosphere.

2. People

At Truebyte we treat our team fairly and respectfully, whilst sharing our vision and bringing everyone on our journey in pursuit of excellence.

3. Continous Improvement

Flaws and failures become opportunities to improve. Unknowns and new situations enable us to grow beyond our comfort zones.

4. Service

We go the extra mile, ensuring that each engagement reflects our dedication to creating positive experiences. Pursuing our goal of creating a seamless journey filled with prompt, personable assistance.

5. Integrity

Integrity stands as a fundamental value we deeply honour, symbolizing our unwavering dedication to honesty and moral standards.

Skills Matrix

Skills Matrix

We identify strengths and development areas of the team through a skills matrix, signing off competency levels in each area of specialism, ensuring the team remain challenged, with their personalised development path in mind.

Management Team Development Paths

Management Team Development Paths

At Truebyte we have an excellent proven success rate of progressing our team into management, with all our current members of the management team promoted from within. On top of their personalised development path, all members of the management team will complete a bespoke management training programme.

Technical Team Development Paths

Technical Team Development Paths

Our IT Support Engineers all complete a training cycle, upskilling and refreshing knowledge and/or skillset within the key fundamentals of the role, focussing on both soft skills and the technical. The training cycle is repeated quarterly and is adapted to stay relevant with the needs at the time of the quarterly cycle launch. This is essential for everyone in the service desk from apprentices through to 3rd line engineers. We also remain focussed on ensuring our software development team remain progressive and have their own development paths created based on the needs of the business and staying up to date with the latest methods of coding, as outlined within our Developer Charter of Excellence.

The Truebyte Way

The Truebyte Way

Truebyte is determined to deliver the best possible service to its clients and that can only be achieved with strong teams, built through developing structured development paths training materials, knowledge sharing and creating a great place to work. We believe that if your team members are working in an area that they are passionate about, the day to day tasks feel less like work and fosters greater morale and job satisfaction for all involved.

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