Why Work Anywhere?


saving for each employee that works remotely half-time


of employees are more productive working remotely


of employers to allow remote working to occur


of employees desire work from home options

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Is it fast enough?

Our infrastructure is housed within datacentres that are provisioned with high speed, dedicated internet connections. We also use the latest protocols to deliver desktops over a range of different connection speeds. So whether you use a tablet, thin client, laptop or workstation you can be assured that your experience will be responsive wherever you are.

What happens if I lose internet connection

The modern business depends on the internet. This is the case for VDI. Therefore each deployment of our VDI solution is carefully considered and appropriate measures are put in place to mitigate internet outages. For example, we can provide emergency mobile data dongles to use should the users primary internet become unavailable. Should a user prefer to move to another location on a different device during an emergency, the platform will be ready to receive the connection from the new device.

Do I lose control of my data?

Quite simply no. Whilst Truebyte will manage the infrastructure that houses your data, the data doesn’t belong to Truebyte. Contractually you are entitled to access your data as required.

Is it secure?

Security is one of the greatest benefits of VDI. The centralisation of data ensures that data leakage is controlled. There are many layers of defence we can apply to the virtual desktops. For example, restrictions can be added to not allow USB drives to access the desktop. Therefore the instance and its data can be completely isolated and kept strictly within the datacentre if required. The protocols used to connect to the platform are highly secure, utilising the latest encryption standards. In addition to these controls, there will be standard good practice domain policies in place to manage passwords, group policies and system security. Our datacentres are also tightly controlled. Access to our servers are restricted to vetted administrators.